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 Mental Health in America: A 2022  Workplace Report

This comprehensive, free report details the challenges that workers are facing, as well as the toll of mental health on American businesses. It provides the insights needed to build effective mental health strategies in the workplace, including:

  • Guidance for crafting more robust mental health benefits packages
  • Benchmarking of what services different companies are providing
  • Strategies to deliver ongoing mental health support that can help you retain the talent you have and attract the new talent you need
  • A roadmap for evaluating what’s working – and what’s not – when it comes to supporting worker mental health.

The Toll of Workplace Mental Health


Nearly 1 in 4 (23%) employees report feeling down, depressed or hopeless often annually in the US on work productivity loss due to depression


41% of employees feel burnt out, drained or exhausted from their work


Over 1 in 3 employees (37%) reported having done nothing to cope with these feelings and only 7% have reached out to a mental health professional
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A Capable, Caring Force for Good

You are not alone in confronting this growing issue. The HR profession has always had a role in addressing mental health and wellness. Today SHRM, SHRM Foundation, and our 300,000-strong membership are leading the charge for businesses to invest in innovative wellness strategies and create more supportive work environments.

Our progress means you now have access to a curated portfolio of innovative resources to create supportive and inclusive workplaces, including training modules, educational resources, HR ally certification, and more to help you manage your employees most critical needs. Find your solutions today!

Let’s Let Go of the Stigma

Being able to have open, honest conversations about mental health is the first step in helping our people manage their own mental health in the workplace.

Join others accelerating the change

This is just the beginning of a movement poised to shift the workplace paradigm around this most important issue.

A Win-Win Investment

Investing in our people isn’t just the right thing to do, it’s a smart business move, too. Investing in workplace mental health and wellness increases retention, recruitment, and productivity; lowers absenteeism, disability leave, and medical costs; and reduces employee-related risks and potential liabilities.

Every $1 investment in promoting mental health has a $3 – $5 return

As HR professionals, we have the motivation, experience, and solutions to help
business leaders in organizations of all sizes address the mental health and
wellness of our most treasured resources: Our people.