Create A Mental Health Strategy
Designed For Your Workplace

Mental Health In Your Workplace: From Evaluation To Action

Mental Health in Your Workplace was created to equip you with the tools to evaluate mental health resources, inform your processes for supporting mental health within your organization, and, ultimately, to help you to develop a strategy that demonstrates improved mental health within your unique workforce.

The SHRM Foundation analyzed key strategic questions, existing resources for HR professionals, and conducted interviews with diverse experts to understand the journey of a workplace leader when creating and implementing a mental health strategy.

Mental Health in Your Workplace aims to guide HR leaders in thinking through important questions from assessment and implementation, all the way to measurement and impact, through 6 key steps:

Define goals, roles, and players

Understand and plan for the needs of your organization

Assess and build on your existing resources

Shape organizational culture

Implement and communicate with employee

Measure, report, and evolve

How To Use This Field Guide?

We created this Field Guide with your busy schedule in mind. As you use it, here are a few suggestions that may help you advance efficiently and productively:

Don’t do it alone.

The Field Guide is built around asking the right questions – some to yourself, but many to your colleagues, leadership, and employees. Use these questions to create collaboration, consensus, and community.

The annotated resource list is your friend.

If you Google “workplace mental health solutions,” you will see nearly 80,000,000 results. What’s good? What’s not? The annotated resource list highlights resources endorsed by the SHRM Foundation’s expert collaborators. As you work through the questions in this Field Guide, trust these resources to shape solutions.

Make the journey right for you.

This Field Guide is for you and your workplace. Make it fit your needs.

Pick what matters most.

Not everything in the pages that follow will apply to you and your workplace. Pick what matters most to the team you serve. Use the sections and sub-sections to focus your energy and time.

Some is better than none.

Some progress is better than no progress. Can’t work through the entire Field Guide? That’s okay! Do what you can. Progress is progress.

Start where you are.

The Field Guide can work as a comprehensive resource from start to finish – or you can jump to the middle to address your current priorities. Use your expertise to determine your starting point.

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